Who am I?

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A little about me

It seems ridiculously simple but I have discovered the joys of putting one word followed by another and another and so on. It is a mystery where one will be lead by these words. I am astonished, surprised and delighted often, by where I am taken. 

I am in the process of recreating my life anew. Discovering new places to visit in my mind, on my computer and on the printed page.

A short BIO:

  • Medical Scientist – Microbiology
  • Master of Engineering – Project Management
  • Certificate of Counselling and Pyschotherapy


  • University Medal RMIT University – Tom McAvan Medallion
  • Top student – Cairnmillar Institute – Certificate of Counselling and Psycotherapy

Extraordinary Experiences

Present when my daughters entered this world. Love in a new different way, so different to any other before in my life. Tears streaming down my face so happy at meeting my children for the first time.

Saying goodbye to my parents knowing just before, but not really knowing just before, the silent quiet hours listening and watching them breathe. Being a witness to the struggles taking place to shake off the grip of life clinging and anchoring them to this world.

Sitting in silent mediation at the Dhamma Aloka Vipassana centre in Woori Yallock for 10 days and having my body fall away to find myself in a field of energy. The first thought in my mind “Oh I am nothing.” The next thought on finding my mind in a field of flowing energy “Oh but I am part of this energy, part of everything”

My Core Values

I am honest, my mother told me one day, too honest.

I also believe the following:

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