two people walking on road between trees

Heart attack

“I” wait to meet you here, where have you gone? One with “I”, the fracture has cracked me. My confidence has seeped deep into the sands. Where are you? We once were one. My hope, my heart, that “I” too am loved, evaporated. “I” once worthy.  My gold, never thought “I”, now tarnished. Discarded, tossed …

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old woman sitting on chair and reading a book to a child

Mary Alice

Warm fires in winter,  Toast cooked on a toasting fork, Warm tea in powder blue cups, Boiled fruit cake, Yo-yo biscuits. Playing “How many bird in the bush, bush, bush?” Feeding the lambs and collecting the eggs. Your big box of rubber bands,  Sponges with strawberry jam and cream. Afternoon teas on Sundays.  Being taught …

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body of water during dawn


Shoulder to shoulder sipping vintage Dom Perignon, looking out to sea experiencing the ship slice through the water. An occasional slight breeze catches, caresses and soothes their faces as they slip towards their destination cocooned in a bygone era of “haute couture” and leisure paced travel. Dazzling attire, complemented by necks dripping jewels. Brilliant cut diamonds, …

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