Bunny Princess – Doctor Kim

cute rabbit with eyeglasses

Run, run, run, pat, pat, pat. Run, run, run, pat, pat, pat. Run, run, run, pat, pat pat. “This is the way to keep fit,” she tells her husband. “Been thinking, we could open a franchise!”

“How do you mean, Bunny?” He asks trying the seem nonchalant but a bit out of breath.

 “Sensational for people who want to keep fit. And, in these bleak days of social isolation, you get the comfort of several canine companions sans inconvenience.”

“Sans what?” 

“Well, no poop scooping.”


“No, vet bills.”


“No flea and worming requirements.”


“You don’t even have to feed them, it’s all pat no responsibility.”

“Ok, but how are you going to make any money out of it.”

“Well, there’s the the training.”


“Yes, I am a gold medal jog patter!”

“What’s a jog patter?”

“It’s what I am doing, right now. Our five-k run. I know this is your first time. But this is the joy of my life. Run, run, run, pat, pat, pat. The dogs know me by-sight and my run, run, run; their tails are already wagging by the time they get their pat, pat, pat.” 

“So… I still can’t see how you will make money from it.”

“It’s in the training, silly. Oh and there’s the squat, squat, squat. Well, you know my physio training?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Well I am going to create, Jog, Pat Pilates classes. The Training, see?”

“Oh, I get it now.”

“Just to get started we can use my pet rabbit as a pretend dog for the first few classes until the clients get fit enough to keep up with me, then we can hit the road.”

“Oh, so it will be run, run, run, hop, hop, hop, squat, squat, squat, pat, pat, pat and… tap, tap, tap credit card Pilates.”

“That’s right, we’ll make a million. It will even become an Olympic sport and think of those tight buns and rock hard abs.”

“Don’t forget there’ll be happy dogs too, Bunny! Now let’s get back to our run, Hon!” 


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