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We all love them don’t we? Adults love to read them as much as children love hearing the story and exploring the illustrations.

Magical Mystery tour

#furiousfiction entry August 2020

Marvin a tour guide overheard this twisted, exotic looking, goth couple Hair: black, Sunglasses: black, Eye liner: black, Vest: black (velvet), Shirt: black satin, Slacks: black (velvet), Crucifixes: silver (big), Piercings prominent: silver, Shoes: black (patent-leather).

“I tell you its magic”.

“You sure about that?”.

“Sure am”.

“Well, how so, what kind of magic does it do”.

“It makes things disappear”.

“Here, look over there see that big old fat white guy in the purple shirt in the jacket that is too tiny, the real grumpy looking one?”

“Yeah, I see him”.

“Well, watch this”, he said taking a bite of his sandwich.

In that instant the big old fat white man disappeared, he didn’t shrink and get tiny, it was instant he was gone.

“Maybe …” she said “he is not gone, but it’s us we have flipped into a parallel universe and there’s no one like him here or maybe he has”.

“Has what?”

“Has flipped into another universe, parallel to this one”.

“Do think he will get to meet Kurt Cobain?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Kurt is no longer in this universe so I guess he must be in some other universe. Maybe he will meet the big fat old white man with the lumpy purple shirt with the rather small jacket?”

“Do you think Marilyn will be there too?”

“Marilyn who?”

“Marilyn Monroe, you know the curvy woman that drove the men of the 20th century dizzy with desire, including Jack Kennedy.”

“I dunno, maybe Jack Kennedy is there too.”

“How do you get him back?”

“Get who back? Jack Kennedy?”

“No, not him?”

“Kurt Cobain?”

“No, the fat old white man in the purple shirt.”

“I am not sure, maybe if you take another bite.”

Marvin on the edge of his seat was wondering what would happen next.

Bang the fat old man was back, he wasn’t fat anymore. He was young, cut, with a young version of Marilyn Monroe on his arm and an enormous smile on his face.

“Hey it worked, and he is in another universe”.

“Let’s ask them where they came from?”

“Where have you come from?” he asked them.

“Here.” They both said and laughed having responded in unison.

“But we were here and you weren’t here and now you are here and we are here too.”

“What can you mean? You were here and we were here and you here, just like you were before.”

“So, we were here too?”

“I think there is something seriously wrong with you two” said Marilyn and the young white man in the purple shirt simultaneously and they smiled again at their synchronicity. “I think you two must be on some self-medication” said the handsome young man in the purple shirt, Marilyn remained silent this time.

“No, we’re not” said the goth man, I have only had a sandwich.

Fantastic Gymnastics

by Gregory Cooper

My latest picture book project is “Fantastic Gymnastics” based on a true story of an Olympic Gymnast – Bart Conner who won Gold in the 1984 Olympic Games in Atlanta in the USA (reference “The Element – How finding your passion changes everything.” by Ken Robinson Ph.D. Published by Penguin Group 2009.)


the life we live

Some time ago I wrote the text of a picture book about surviving rejection and being different – “Adam Apple – Surviving in a World that’s all Oranges”

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