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Hairy huntsman - the spider that saves the world

Hairy is a Huntsman spider born in a letter box and lives with two hundred other siblings. As they grow there is no room for them. There are so many his mother can’t even give them each a name. Hairy’s adventures start when he jumps into the postman’s basket to explore the world. His quest is to find the NGV (National Gallery Victoria) and travel camouflaged with the paintings from visiting exhibitions. Who would have thought he would end up saving the world.

adam apple - surviving in a world of oranges

Some time ago, I wrote the text of a picture book about surviving rejection and being different – “Adam Apple – Surviving in a World that’s all Oranges” read the text on my Blog page. 

This lovely little book is looking for a publisher. So, if you are a publisher and you like the manuscript get in touch so we can get it out there for the kids.



Fantastic Gymnastics

by Gregory Cooper

My latest picture book project is “Fantastic Gymnastics” based on a true story of an Olympic Gymnast – Bart Conner who won Gold in the 1984 Olympic Games in Atlanta in the USA (reference “The Element – How finding your passion changes everything.” by Ken Robinson Ph.D. Published by Penguin Group 2009.)

News and Recommendations
The Golden Book

My writing mentor is Kate Ryan and she has recently published her wonderful new novel “The Golden Book”These are some of my thoughts on the book: I found myself bound up with youth and remembrance of all the angst of growing up, images of times past and regrets writ large.

The powerful thread of shame is so palpable from the very beginning of the book, initially, you are not sure what the feeling is, Ali seems scattered, but the strength and power of it undeniable. The self reproach and pain so strongly communicated are difficult to be with almost pushing you to put the book down and not return, yet it is not possible to do that, the curiosity of the climax drawing you back.

The juxataposition of the two families, one ordered and organised and the other, open, almost feral and the mixed longings of Ali for more freedom and Jessie’s for more order. I almost wanted to give Ali a slap, to wake her up to her self-destructive guilt and shame. Ali’s fragility and the shock of the tragedy have you keep your distance and leave her suspended in her state of self-reproach and fear of discovery.


One Bright Moon

One Bright Moon

“One Bright Moon” by Andrew Kwong is seriously one of the best memoires I have ever read. Andrew’s life and the incredible love of his family brought me to tears on several occasions. 

I was so impressed with this book I contacted Andrew and gave him the following feedback “Throughout your book you demonstrate the wisdom of forgiveness.

“The suffering you and your family endured was so heartbreaking, I felt so deeply for you all. How awful for your parents to have studied yet not been able to contribute their knowledge or skills and in fact to be punished for having studied at all.
Your book is important and it is beautiful. I feel certain that my former teacher who lives in Rennes in France will be, one day, purchasing it in the French language.”
I hope you enjoy it as much as did I.
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