body of water during dawn

Shoulder to shoulder sipping vintage Dom Perignon, looking out to sea experiencing the ship slice through the water. An occasional slight breeze catches, caresses and soothes their faces as they slip towards their destination cocooned in a bygone era of “haute couture” and leisure paced travel. Dazzling attire, complemented by necks dripping jewels. Brilliant cut diamonds, sparkling as the evening light sprinkles the assembled with dappled highlights dancing on the details of opulent silks, satins and beaded frocks.

The waiters, balancing the glasses and manoeuvring magically through the finest of margins. A broad smile fixed upon their faces, the five­­­–star hospitality befitting Basil and Susan the generous hosts.

“So­, Susan how long have you known Basil?” Alexandra the scion of social status and taste said. “Oh, it’s rather a short time really, about a year. We met last April at a preview of the Met’s performance of La Traviata.” 

“I loved that production the soprano in the role, amazing. In fact she is here somewhere, I saw her just before we came out on deck to toast the sunset. She is wearing Lacroix darling.”

“Yes she is, doesn’t she look wonderful. She is here as a special favour to me, Basil invited her to celebrate our first anniversary. She is going to sing later.”

 “I just simply don’t know how you do it Susan.”

“Do what exactly, Alexandra?”

“Well snaring the world’s most sought–after eligible bachelor and; assimilating this “new” sphere of taste and culture” said Alexandra raising her right brow and adding a slight sneer to her visage.

“I do not snare”, said Susan turning her back to switch her attention to Katie Clench. 

“Susan thanks for inviting me and the treat of shopping in Paris”, Katie said not used to such extravagance. She had not slept for days so excited to be sailing for Basil’s exclusive luxury island home. 

“Oh, Katie don’t mention it, like shopping at Target for me these days.” 

 “Susan, I adore this dress, I have never had anything so beautiful.”

“Well it certainly gets my stamp of approval, as I told you at Chanel in Paris.”

At that moment, Susan felt a prod in the back and her champagne sloshed into Katie’s cleavage. Susan almost fell but was saved by Katie reaching out to steady her. Right at that moment Basil appeared beside her, he had seen Alexandra elbow Susan.

“Explain yourself Alexandra and fast! How could you possibly have a score to settle with my Susan, she is the reason you are here enjoying this sunset and the company of our dearest friends.”

Left standing with her mouth open unable to find a defence, a large moth flew from the cabin directly into her throat causing her to gag. She lurched and pushed her way to the railing on the deck, throwing up as she went, vomit streaming down her watermelon coloured chiffon.

“I don’t know how she does it”, said one of the guests “her behaviour often makes you want to vomit.” 


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